Meet the Bariatric Team

Clovis Community Weight-Loss Surgery Center prides itself in providing not only top-level surgeons, but also the best supporting staff to work hand-in-hand with their patients. As patients travel along their weight loss journey with Clovis Community Medical Center, the expertise our talent and expertise of our talented bariatric team helps guide them down tailor-made pathways to real weight loss results.

Our team of experts includes excellent bariatric surgeons, a bariatric program coordinator, specialty trained and friendly bariatric nurses, bariatric-focused dietitians, and physical therapists focused on the specific needs of bariatric patients. Each bariatric team member participates in numerous trainings, continuing medical education, certified educational units, and other bariatric learning opportunities so that our patients can receive the best and most clinically competent care.

For more information about Clovis Community's Weight Loss Surgery Center, call us at (559) 324-4815.