Diabetes and Weight Loss

Is there a relationship between diabetes and weight loss? Type II diabetes can be a crushing diagnosis, especially for those who are suffering from other weight-related conditions. Often associated with obesity and poor health, type II diabetes cannot be treated with insulin pumps like type I and must be carefully regulated through diet. 
For many patients, weight loss is a key part of treatment. Reduction of symptoms in diabetes and weight loss often go hand in hand, providing a healthier lifestyle and positive outcomes for those who choose this treatment option, greatly lowering the risk of other diabetes-related complications later in life. For those who are not a good fit for bariatric procedures, weight loss consistently shows an improvement in a condition and alleviates issues for those willing to commit to diet and exercise.
Diabetes and Weight Loss Surgery
Metabolic or bariatric surgeries have been used to treat patients with diabetes since the 1960s, leading to permanent and significant weight loss in addition to remission or reduction of symptoms for many obesity-related medical problems, including diabetes. While diabetes has no true cure, long-term remission is defined as normal blood glucose, leading to cessation of use in diabetic medications. This can be successfully achieved in obese diabetics undergoing bariatric surgery in between 60 and 90% of cases depending on the surgical procedure used, ensuring a positive outcome for a majority of those who choose to undergo surgery.
Proven Results
A recent meta-analysis of the medical literature that included 621 studies and 135,246 patients showed a complete remission of diabetes in 78.1% of patients, demonstrating effectiveness in nearly four fifths of those who attempt a surgical procedure for treatment. In 2009, the American Diabetes Association recommended and endorsed bariatric surgery for diabetics with a BMI of at least 35, leading to hope for millions of patients across the United States and around the world looking for a way to treat or management their diabetes.
What’s the next step?
If you have diabetes and are seeking a method of treatment outside of stabilizing medications and extreme dieting, bariatric surgery may be the best possible choice for you and your health. At Clovis Community Weight-Loss Service Center, we specialize in a range of procedures including gastric bypass, gastric bands, and sleeve gastrectomies, helping you find the perfect fit for your health, your body, and your symptoms. Diabetes and weight loss is one of our specialties, ensuring you get the proper treatment your condition deserves.
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