Life After Bariatric Surgery

Weight-loss surgery is a life-altering event At Clovis Community Weight-Loss Center, we are here to help you adjust to your new life after bariatric surgery. Most bariatric surgery procedures are minimally invasive, you will be discharged from the hospital one to two days after your operation – barring complications.

Follow-up appointments vary by patient, but a general follow-up schedule looks like this:

  • 2 weeks after surgery
  • 6 weeks after surgery
  • 4 months after surgery
  • 8-10 months after surgery
  • 16-18 months after surgery
  • Annually as needed

Diet – Since the way your body handles and digests food will change dramatically, you will be put on a strict diet by your weight-loss surgeon.

Exercise – You’ll start losing weight–and fast–almost immediately after surgery. To maintain muscle mass while losing fat, it’s important to exercise. Staying active is also a crucial part of your long-term weight management program. Short, frequent walks are usually recommended for the first few weeks after surgery. After that, your exercise routine should gradually become more strenuous and include both aerobic and strength training exercises. Always consult your doctor before starting an exercise plan.

We encourage you to attend a FREE seminar to learn more about metabolic/bariatric surgery, and life after bariatric surgery. For your convenience, an online seminar also is available.

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