Post-Bariatric Surgery Diet

Since the way your body handles and digests food will change dramatically, your surgeon will place you on a post-bariatric surgery diet.

Below is a typical post-surgery diet:

  • 1-3 days after surgery: Clear liquids only (broth, diet gelatin, decaf tea, etc.)
  • 4-14 days: Full liquids (skim milk, condensed cream soups, protein drinks, etc.)
  • Weeks 3-6: Soft and blended diet (soft meats, eggs, low-fat dairy, mashed potatoes, etc.)
  • Week 6 and on: Low fat, low sugar, and low calorie solid foods

Note: Your surgeon will advise you on the specific diet required 

Once you’re back on solid foods, it’s imperative that you maintain healthy eating habits. We have available to you some helpful information sheets. Stick them on your fridge or keep them accessible for easy access.

For more information about a post-bariatric surgery diet, register for a free weight loss surgery seminar by calling us at 1-800-260-0663 or completing our contact form.