LAP-BAND Surgery

Adjustable Gastric Band

Several types of weight loss surgery exist today. LAP-BAND surgery, also known as adjustable gastric banding, is an alternative to a traditional gastric bypass. The LAP-BAND procedure is easy to perform, reversible, and unlikely to cause lasting complications. If you have been considering weight loss surgery, LAP-BAND may be the right bariatric procedure for you.


In some forms of weight loss surgery, parts of the digestive tract are rearranged or removed. However, adjustable gastric band procedures do not require any form of permanent adjustment within the body. Instead, surgeons place a restrictive silicone gastric band around the top portion of the stomach. Two pouches are created out of the stomach: a smaller top pouch (above the band) that can hold 4 to 8 ounces of food, and a larger lower pouch (below the band). The passage of food from the top pouch to the rest of the stomach is slowed, helping patients to limit intake and feel fuller faster. This controls hunger and stimulates rapid weight loss.


Due to the nature of the adjustable gastric band, surgery is a relatively simple process with a decreased recovery timeline. For those who wish to reverse results, bands can be easily removed via a minimally invasive procedure, restoring the body to its natural state. Bands can also be adjusted after placement by injecting the band with a saline solution via an access port in the patient's abdomen. Increased flexibility is a major advantage of the LAP-BAND procedure, especially when compared to gastric bypass, which is extremely challenging to adjust or reverse, and gastric sleeve, which cannot be reversed at all.


Surgical Results

As with all surgeries, success will vary from patient to patient based on factors like body chemistry, metabolism, and adherence to diet and exercise. In general, patients can expect to lose approximately 15 points on the BMI scale and 40% of excess weight over the 18 to 24 months following surgery.


Weight loss results from LAP-BAND surgery are typically not as immediate as gastric bypass surgery. Instead, adjustable gastric band patients often experience slower weight-loss over a longer period of time.


Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates for gastric band procedures include anyone who wants to lose weight and meets the general requirements for bariatric surgery. Patients may prefer LAP-BAND over other forms of weight loss surgery if they anticipate a desire to reverse a procedure or anticipate revisions or adjustments in the future. Some patients may also appreciate the shorter recovery time and looser dietary restrictions.


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