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View our bariatric surgery video and “beating obesity” video below to learn more about the services provided at Clovis Bariatrics.

Understanding Bariatric Surgery - An Overview

Dr. Edward Felix, Bariatric Surgeon at Clovis Community Medical Center's Weight Loss Center, explains bariatric surgery and discusses each bariatric surgery procedure. 


Beating Obesity - Aimee McFarland's story

Aimee McFarland underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2000. In this video, she explains how she lost 134 pounds. As a mother of two young boys and wife to a man recently diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, it was important to her to be able to provide for her family and be around to support them.

It wasn't a matter of "how," to her, but more so a "matter of when" she would be able to take the step toward bariatric surgery, weight loss, and improved quality of life. This is her story.

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